DecoArt Americana, lak Dura Clear polyurethane 59ml

DecoArt Americana
    Levertijd:1-5 dagen
  • Beschrijving

Sneldrogende transparante polyurethane vernis. Vergeelt niet. Voor binnen en buiten gebruik. Verkrijgbaar in matt, satin en gloss.

Brush-on polyurethane, non-yellowing varnishes that form a tough, flexible, clear finish that dries quickly.

Can be used on most hard craft surfaces, both interior and exterior.

Available in satin, gloss and matte varnishes in both 59ml and 236ml sizes.


  • Durable, non-yellowing, non-toxic
  • Forms a weatherproof, protective seal on both indoor and outdoor surfaces
  • Protects surfaces from chemicals such as alcohol and resists water stains or rings
  • Won't puddle
  • Brush strokes won't show
  • No smelly fumes
  • Clean up with soap and water